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Short Film
Competition (S)
Competition (D)

(Mostly) English Titles in alphabetical order:

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1,5 Meters Space (1,5 Metirä Tilaa) Occupied Summer
82 Square Meters (82 Quadratmeter) Palace of Colours (Rang Mahal)
A Bar on Majorca (Eine Kneire auf Malle) Pamparios
A Dream of Spring Patision Avenue (Leoforos Patision)
A Moon for My Father Pixelling Memory
A Plastic Bottle's Stair Dance Position Reports (Kursmeldungen)
Abdrift Profession Documentarist
Almost Nothing Public Domain
Am Cu Ce Realms (Valtakunnat)
Amelina Recent Slogans
Among People (Unter Menschen) Red Saga
Anote's Ark Sundance Requiem for M
Beyond Beach Roh und Gekoch
Born in Gambia Shooting Crows
Bot Silent Cells
Broken Flowers Skin
By the Name of Tania So-Khin
Carbon Sky Srbenka
Catching Fire (Prendre feu) Star Shaped Scar
Codrina's Trace Stare into the Light my Pretties
Crossing Borders String Figure of Time
The Net (Das Netz) Swatted
Dawn The Animal That Therefore I Am
Elena The Bed and the Street
Erased Slogans The Chairs (Oturacaqlar)
Eternity The Devine Day
Facade Colour: Blue The European Dream : Serbia
Face to Face (Face à face) The Future of Iraq
Farta The Last Post Office
Find Fix Finish The Net (Das Netz)
Fosfeno The Mental Traveller
From the Dark Depths (Gikan sa Ngitngit nga Kinailadman) The Ocarina
Garden of Others The Remains (Avashesh)
Genesis 2.0 The Sea Runs Thru My Veins
Gloom The Shepherd (Gjeteren)
Happy The Sleepers (Los Durmientes)
Heaven-Hell The Source (La Source)
Her (Ajo) The Symphony of Uncertainty (Die Symphonie der Ungewissheit)
I Signed the Petition Three Causalities
In Dog Years I'm Dead To the Living (À l'usage des vivants)
In Our Own Image Touch me (Was bleibt)
In Search Tropics
Into Thin Air (Volverse aire) Umbra
Isola Umbra
Jupiter Verspätet
Life Mask (Peasant Leader) Viral Kids
Looking for a tender silence (En Busca de un Tierno Silencio) VR
Lullabye for a Storm (Tungkung Langit) We Are Data
Mag-uuma (Farmer) We Waited Until Nightfall (Esperábamos a que anocheciera)
Manuscript Welcome to the New World
Maria from the Mangroves (María de los Esteros) Whose Hand Was it?
Mars Closer Wie Bojen im Meer
Meteorite (Meteorito) Wildcat (Fauve)
My Border's Joy Fence Yantra
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